lördag 20 maj 2017

Thanks a million!!

Just by GIVING a little thougt
look what you and others bought.
A new tatami for the RK Raiders
that we can all use without waders!!

This card I made for a where special friend of RK Judo Club. When my daughters judo club got totally destroyed by the terrible floods last year, the judo club lost everything because everything in the club was under 3 meter of water. The only thing we succeded to save was15 IKEA plastic chairs and a few other things. All judo mats got destroyed and the insurance companies just said "Act of God" and nobody got an Euro from them. We are still fighting with the consortium that might give us a little bit of money but that can take ages...
When our senseis almost gave up Gareth a friend of them from UK did some quick thinking and started a crownfunding and people from all over the world sent money and we were able to buy new mats. <3 nbsp="" p="">
We are forever grateful for that!!!

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