måndag 7 november 2016

Pumpkin Poo

Pumpkin poo - my kind of humour... My oldest daughter was invited to a Halloween party last week and wanted to bring a little treat to the girls that arranged the party. So we went to the Swedish store here in Spain to get some "ostbågar" (the best cheese doodles ever!!!) and made some Pumpkin Poo gift bags.
I can´t wait until Christmas so I can start to make some Snowman poo, Raindeer poo and Build-your-own-snowman bags. :)

måndag 10 oktober 2016

Choir card

My youngest daughter has started to sing in the school choir and she and her friend volunteered to do "Choir cards" that they can use to show in the line for lunch at school (the choir is during lunch at school) so they can get in front of the others so they can spend as much time at choir as possible.
They worked hard during the weekend and this is just a few of all the cards they made this weekend.
I realized I do not have many notes or to be honest not much at all that is very music related...
I think they did a great job!!!

onsdag 14 september 2016

Apple watch card!!

My daughter asked me to make a special card from her class to their form teacher who had his birthday almost when the school ended in June. Lets just say that he got really suprised when he saw what they got him - an apple watch. Guess they liked him a lot. ;)  No parents were involved at all and the students thought of this themselves and saved the money together during the year.
Directly when they told me about the gift I knew what I wanted to do but it took me a while to figure out how to make the watch but I think it turned out good in the end.  

tisdag 17 maj 2016

Christening card # 2

Here is the second Christening card I made. The grandmum had also written a poem for this card. On the first side of the card it says:

When daddy says no....
Message grandmum!

And then she tells her grandson in the poem that later in life if daddy says no he can come and ask her instead and if it is something that is on "grandmums map" (That´s what the map stars and circles is about) she will from his christening day save up money for him so he can do it.
I think the Iphone was a fun way to do this card. I have put magnetics under the paper så when you close the card it stays closed and it gets as thick as an Iphone too.

fredag 13 maj 2016

Christening card with a gift inside

Believe it or not but for 5 days the rain has been pouring down here in Spain. And that means that this has been the wettest month of May for 29 years!!!!  Guess it does not rain much in Marbella normaly. ;)
Just before the rain started I got an order for 2 different cards for a christening. So for once I could stay inside and do my crafting without looking out at the sunshine. Tough problem - I know!
The instruction for this card was that I should do a card where it was possible to include the ring from his dad´s granddad that the boy was going to get as a memory from his christening and to include a poem that his grandmother had written about this ring. Such a nice gift! I hope she will be satisfied when I deliver the card later today. She also ordered another card for the other gift that she will give her first grandchild and I will show that card after the weekend.

torsdag 4 februari 2016

Donationbox to the judo club!!

Finally I´m on track again and I have been doing a lot of new stuff. Sometimes it is hard to find that nice time to do art and craft when the sun is shining and it is warm outside... I live in Marbella. :)
Last week my daughters judo club had their inauguration of their new dojo!! The senseis have put in a lot of work in the new dojo and there is still a few things to finish so I made a special donation box that will stand in the dojo and all money that is donated will go to finish the fitness area.
I am so thankful to Petra at Skogstokiga that drawn my two judokas. I have used them so much.
Because they are digistamps I could get the clubs logo on the judokas too. Love them!!!


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